Game philosophy

Our name is also the core of our larps. We’re all about creating a place together where everyone feels comfortable – a real Happy Place, in other words.
On the one hand, this means that, as in most Nordic larps, we incorporate meta-techniques and mechanics to provide a game that is psychologically and physically safe for everyone.
On the other hand, it means that we focus less on very extreme and traumatic events, either in the characters nor as game content. We want to offer a space in which there can be drama, but also, and above all, nice moments.

Meta technique singing

We use the meta technique of singing in our musical larps. This means that we want to encourage our players to express the emotions and thoughts of their character through songs. This is not at all about the quality of the singing, but about the feelings that are expressed with it.
Singing can be done solo, as an inner monologue, as a duet or in a group. Singing can be spontaneous or planned in advance. Each player must take care of the background music themselves. Musical instruments are explicitly welcome and can be brought along. – We have fulfilled our claim if at the end of a con even those who would normally never do so have dared to sing.

Happy End Larp

We explicitly offer our players to play a happy ending. This is strange for many who come from the Nordic Larp scene, but it feels better than you might think. Because even positive feelings like love, joy and happiness can have a strong impact and create unforgettable gaming events.

Our Team

Christian Horsch
Larper for 15 years and also orga for 13 years. Formerly Ferrum-Orga, then author of mini and online larps and part of the Social Season design team. Prefers to attend one-shots written in the spirit of Nordic larps.

Lena Marie Schmitz
has been active in larps since 2015 and started organizing them shortly after, first for kids and teens, then for adults as well. Additionally, she likes to experiment with online larps on Gather Town. Depending on the available time budget, you can find her at online one shots, at Steampunk cons or at Nordic Larps.

Merle Gottschling
has been playing and organizing larps since 2019. Additionally, she invented the Quarantine characters with her roommate Leo. She was also part of the design team of Social Season and on site there as SL. Merle feels at home in Nordic larp and usually loves the drama.

Miriam Knierim
came to larp 5 years ago via pen&paper. On the side, she proofreads Cthulhu adventures for Pegasus and feels at home in horror, both tabletop and larp. With “Rote Ros” she found her way to organizing larps.